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Welcome to Stratégie Immobilier.
All real estate transactions and rentals in the heart of the Côte Chalonnaise area of Burgundy.
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Pourquoi faire appel à un agent immobilier ?
Il ne faut pas oublier que l'immobilier est une activité à part entière, un métier, qui ne s'improvise pas. Et parce que l'achat d'un logement est souvent le projet de toute une vie, il convient de s'entourer de personnes de...
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Whether you are selling or buying, we are here to help...

As a service provider, we will accompany you throughout. Our knowledge of the market, our experience and the guarantees we offer you will all help to ensure the successful outcome of your project.

You won't have to do a thing...

We will deal with everything:
We will value your property and prepare the particulars. We will advertise your property as appropriate in the newspaper and on the internet We will receive enquiries and provide information about the property and the area. We will also deal with organising visits of the property, in your presence or not, depending on your wishes. We act as an intermediary during the negotiation process.
Once we have received your agreement in principle to sell, we will coordinate all the formalities; we will draw up the necessary agreements and will then ensure that this paperwork is transformed into a final, legal document.

You will be able in all confidence to let people visit your property...

Potential buyers will have been pre-selected by us prior to the visit. Our extensive client experience means that we will only introduce those to you who are genuinely interested. No more unwelcome visitors who come to see the property with no intention of purchasing.  In addition, we will accompany them throughout the visit. In this way you can be sure that you are considerably reducing the risk of being the victim of unscrupulous behaviour as sometimes happens to people who advertise their properties privately.

You will be able to benefit from our advice on the accurate valuation of your property...

Many people think that you can sell for a better price by selling privately. This idea is wrong: generally speaking, the law of market forces will bring you back down to earth and will oblige you to reduce your expectations. We know how to value a property. It's a difficult thing to master and requires a firm hand. Numerous factors come into play: the location, the age, the general condition, the situation, the level of comfort, the environment, the way the sector is developing, and of course the market tendency. Sometimes real technical expertise is required. To avoid simply guessing at the value, our experience and our knowledge of the market are essential. We have an in-depth overview which means that we can indicate the appropriate price bracket in which to present your property, and the right moment to do it.

Feel free to contact us...


Stratégie Immobilier - Buxy

37, Grande Rue 71390 BUXY

- Phone :(33) 03 85 92 05 04 - Fax :(33) 03 85 92 10 00
Stratégie Immobilier - St Gengoux

La Promenade 71460 ST GENGOUX LE Nal

- Phone :(33) 03 85 92 68 73 - Fax :(33) 03 85 92 67 03
Stratégie Immobilier - Mercurey

91, Grande Rue 71640 MERCUREY

- Phone :(33) 03 85 41 03 92 - Fax :(33) 03 85 41 09 93